The Anecdote. Music and Mission...


The Anecdote are a captivating, virtuosic, and fire-spirited indie-folk trio. With cello, trumpet, percussion and soaring vocals, the music is a marriage of finely-sculptured songs, poetic wordsmithery, fiery improvising and spacious interweaving. Drawing from elements of folk, world music, reggae, jazz and singer/songwriting, The Anecdote enchant with one-of-a-kind songs, unique instrumentation and profound emotional depth. They are a stunning live experience.

the music is a revelation’ – Upper Yarra Valley Mail


Since forming in 2014, The Anecdote have become a seasoned festival act, releasing their haunting debut album ‘Carved Upon The Air’ last year. The album is a profound work, with songs written over a 15-year period, rich string and brass arrangements, and a compelling intimacy. 

‘their creation is something truly unique.’ (The Music).


They have performed at a range of festivals including Folk, Rhythm and Life, Renaissance Festival, Beltane, End Of The Line Festival, River Folk Festival and EarthArtBeat. The Anecdote have supported such esteemed artists as The April Maze, Stray Hens, Tenzin Choegyal, and The Bean Project. Over the coming summer they will be performing at the Woodford Folk Festival and the Illawarra Folk Festival.

You can certainly hear that greater depth in The Anecdote’s music – that sense of profound mystery and wonder. Their debut album, ‘Carved Upon The Air’, is a beautifully complicated, freewheeling release. Every time you think the band is going to do something, they do something else, and their music has a kind of spontaneity to it that is rare these days.’ – Beat Magazine









The songs are the gardens we lovingly tend. They are our children, each very different, but from the same family. Vocal harmonies, cello, trumpet and percussion merge and entwine together in a bed of acoustic guitar. Impassioned in performance, our love of music and the act of creation unites us.

The Anecdote's music comes straight from the collective heart of three dexterous and skilled musicians who have a natural synergy together.’– Liz Stringer


As songwriters, our hopes are to uplift, meet in intimate places, to commune from the hearths of ourselves. As musicians our intention is to transport, captivate, communicate intangible things and loosen some of the knots around each other’s hearts. As improvisors we aim to express the fire, tenderness, rage and beauty that is inside us and around us. 


It would seem much of the world and its machinations are off-kilter, and for us this music is our way of survival.  Through playing, creating, exploring and performing, we find sanity and meaning. With expressions of what are our personal truths, we give what we can to help create safe passage. We want more, and less. We are duty-bound to create.